Mimio Board

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mimio Board™ is a low-cost interactive whiteboard solution that integrates all the features of mimio and wireless technology into a high quality, porcelain on steel whiteboard.

electronic whiteboard Integrated wireless
With mimio Board’s integrated wireless technology you no longer need to worry about tripping over cables or whether the USB cable is long enough to reach your computer. mimio Board uses 2.4 GHz DSSS (Direct Sequence Spread Spectrum) signal transmission technology and has a range of up to 30ft with no line-of-sight requirement. mimio Board’s wireless technology does not cross talk or interfere in any way with 802.11 WiFi networks or other wireless devices.

mimio Interactive mimio Mouse stylus
With the included ergonomic mimio Mouse stylus, controlling your interactive whiteboard has never been easier. The mimio Mouse stylus has a teflon tip to glide across any surface and two integrated buttons with user selectable functions, such as hover and right-click.

virtual recording Durable and Low Cost
mimio Board’s durability is top of the line. The whiteboard itself is high quality porcelain steel. The electronic circuitry and sensors that activate the board are located securely within the frame, inaccessible to the jolts, abrasions or physical wear that can damage or degrade the performance of boards with touch sensitive surfaces. Highest quality materials and isolated electronics make mimio Board a safe investment for the long term. With mimio Board you get a Bigger, Better interactive whiteboard at an unprecedented list price. mimio Board is up to 40% less expensive than other interactive white boards in the market today.

Source: Mimio