3D MindMap Idea

By: Michael Scherotter

I just came back from the Microsoft (MSFT) Mix06 conference in Las Vegas where I saw the future of Microsoft technology and I’m excited about it (though I will probably have to wait until 2007 to see it.) Here’s what I saw:

Windows Presentation Foundation
This is the new 2D/3D display technology that will drive the next version of Windows, Vista. When I saw the demonstrations, I started thinking of how MindManager could benefit from it. I came up with this idea of a three dimensional visual difference showing how a map changed over time:

A core part of the display technology is the XML language XAML which defines all of the aspects of the visual representation. In my postings here and work in the Mindjet Labs, I have talked about how MindManager’s XML architecture enables integrations and innovation. I could imagine how the representation that I sketched out could be created by transforming a map’s XML data combined with the XML of a previous version using XSLT. I can’t wait to start experimenting with this. If you have any other suggestions of cool XAML projects for MindManager, please send them to me at labs@mindjet.com.

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