Our Changing Environment and Thinking Approaches

In his latest podcast Martin Whitehill, Senior Lecturer at the Glamorgan Business School talks about the causes of our changing environment and the effects these have on the way we think.

The causes include technological change and globalisation which are two drivers for our rapidly changing environment. Changes in society and how we have become wealthy and better educated with growing expectations in our now post modern society are also discussed.

Martin, whose research interests include innovation and creativity in strategy, raises issues on our current economy and how organisations should captured and share knowledge. But organisations also need to find a sustainable advantage using creativity and innovation as industries change and our economy changes from a post industrial economy to a knowledge economy.

The “Changing World and Limitations of our Thinking Approaches” podcast is available to download at the bottom of the page.

A mind map diagram representing topics discussed in the podcast is also available to view.

Podcast Download
‘Changing World’ podcast – Part 1 (MP3, 4.51MB)
‘Changing World’ podcast – Part 2 (MP3, 5.20MB)

Source: University of Glamorgan