Re-read a book in less than 15 minutes.

By: Stefanos Karagos

I use this method since I was a University student. The same time I’m reading a book I’m taking notes in a mindmap following the next rules:
1. Write the book’s title in the center of mindmap
2. Create a branch with book’s general info [Writer, Publishing House etc]
3. For each book’s chapter create a different branch using its title
4. For each chapter’s branch write sub-chapters titles
5. If there are any important info you have to remember, just put it on the appropriate branch.

Could you imagine what will happen the next time you will review the mindmap?

NO? OK. Do you ever have read Guy Kawasaki’s great book “The Art of the Start” [~220 pages]?

If YES then take a look in this mindmap [PDF] and will feel the “deja vu” effect as never before…

Source: Anabubula.

Suryadi comments: Imagine within 15 minutes, you can refresh your memory back about that particular book.