Having Faith and Trust in God Will Lead To Success

by Mark Victor Hansen

When you know what you want and have done everything you can, the only thing you can do is have faith and trust that Infinite Intelligence (God himself) is working to make your dreams a reality. Sometimes it takes a while. We have to know our dreams were ours the minute we decided we wanted them. They are manifesting themselves. We just need to be patient.

Is being patient an easy task? Not always. Sometimes it can even be depressing waiting for what we want to show up in physical form. But we have to realize if we weren’t supposed to have what we dream about then we would never have had the dream. We just need to believe in our dreams and ourselves and allow the Universe to work in its own divine time.

You need dedication combined with perspiration moving toward a destination to get your ideal realization.
**end of Mark’s article**

Anatole France’s quote is my favourite:
To accomplish great things,
we must not only act, but also
not only plan, but also believe.